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Dawn Tec Yah

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Dawn Tec Yah is a distinguished therapist specializing in couples and family therapy. Dawn is particularly adept at addressing the needs of couples and families, guiding them through the process of healing and growth. Her goal is to empower her clients by improving communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

Dawn's therapeutic process is collaborative and evidence-based, ensuring that each intervention is personalized to meet the unique goals of her clients. She is known for her ability to create a space where individuals feel heard and understood, enabling them to work towards a shared vision of their future.

For couples and families seeking a transformative therapeutic experience, Dawn Tec Yah offers the expertise, compassion, and commitment necessary to navigate life's challenges together. Her passion for enriching the lives of others shines through in the support and guidance she provides to each of her clients.

Dawn Tec Yah
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